Outspan School Uganda
         Education & Self-Reliance for Orphans

Outspan School founder Tom Ngobi, was born in a backward village in 1963, one of 12 children from a polygamous household. His mother divorced his father and moved away, leaving him in the care of an abusive step-mother. At age 13, he fled to the streets of Kampala (the capital). 

In the City, a kind family hired him off the street to work as a houseboy. They also encouraged him to join the local Scout troop to make some friends. 

One day he met a teacher from Makerere University who asked why a kid his age was not enrolled in school. Tom explained that he had a place to live but no money for school fees. The teacher helped locate a sponsor who agreed to put Tom through school and he graduated with a teaching credential. 

While teaching over the next six years, Tom tried to help needy kids who had a story like his. However, Tom's meager salary was insufficient to sponsor students indefinitely. 

Finally, Tom Ngobi decided his calling was to start a school for the most vulnerable and needy youth with an active Scouting program as part of school life. 

According to Tom, "Education and Scouting saved me from a life of on the streets or forever scratching dirt in a backward village."

In February 1995, Outspan Primary School was started with an enrollment of 197 needy kids. The Primary School is located in a slum area east of Kampala as that was the only place he could afford land with money from a small loan. 

Today, Outspan School supports 500 students, some of whom live in the dorm, and others through tuition and fees enabling them to attend outside schools, while living with relatives. 

Today, Thomas is a WHO-certified HIV/AIDS trainer and data gatherer with special training in care and nurturing of orphans. He is also a member of the National Scout Executive Committee of Uganda.

Outspan co-founder, Dismas Ootori, is a trained educator who worked at the Amudat Education Center from 1991 to 1994. The school appointed Dismas as Academic Panel Executive Secretary replacing Tom Ngobi, who had been promoted to Deputy Headmaster. During his term, Dismas played an important role in ensuring that all students attend lessons regardless of their home situation.

Previously, Dismas taught social studies at primary six, ages 12-15. He soon represented all Amudat social studies teachers and was executive secretary of the school's academic panel. He helped teachers develop lesson plans and advised management on academic matters, including promotion or demotion of students 

In 1995, Dismas joined Tom Ngobi in founding the Outspan Primary School in the needy neighborhood of Bwaise, east of Kampala. In 2005, a Secondary School was added. Today, the lives of 500 orphans and destitute youth are being transformed as Outspan School students and Scouts.

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