Outspan School Uganda
         Education & Self-Reliance for Orphans

       From Headmaster / Scout Leader Tom Ngobi                               As of March, 2017

1) Renovation on the administration block,

2) Repainting of the class rooms,

3) Repair and purchase of furniture for office, classrooms, library and dinning hall,

4) Provision of or funds for computers (laptops) and their accessories (printers),

5) Heavy-duty photocopier,

6) A scanner,

7) Filing cabinets,

8) Renovation of schools' kitchens and dining halls.


1) Renovation of classrooms (painting, the floor, lighting, furniture for teachers and students, wall clocks, paint for chalk     boards, and school library (teachers reference books, students hands books, literature books, story bools, maps) 

2) suitable library furniture (eg chairs, tables, lighting and book shelves)

3) Computers for students to learn and use them for research and reading purposes,

4) Scout training equipment for training and camping (patrol and troop levels)

5) Equip the Scouts Brass Band with better instruments and uniforms

6) Games and sports equipment and sport uniforms (e.g., T-shirts, athletic shorts)

7) Music, Dance and Drama equipment and costumes,

8) Construction of secure storage space for computers, school supplies and equipment 

9) Power generator, inverters, Solar installation,

10) School beds, mattresses, blankets, bed sheets and mosquito nets for students from very poor families using dorms,

11) Smoke detectors and/or fire extnguishers

12) Purchase solar panels.

13) Powerpoint projectors - one for Primary and one for Secondary

14) Neckerchiefs for all the students (approximately 700)


1) Construction of Playgrounds - one for boys one for girls

2) Purchase land for gardens and animals - fruits, crops, chickens, sheep - for students to manage to sustain and improve     the nutrition overall for the students and faculty through self-sustained food production, with related cost savings.

3) School perimeter walls

4) Two school vans (10-14 seat) and work truck (e.g., Toyota pickup)